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Alan Adler approached creating it like the engineer that he is, starting off with the problem (he wanted reduced bitterness in his daily coffee) and from there finding the solution (reduced brew time).

AeroPress quickly brews a full-bodied coffee by allowing the user to push the water through the puck. Unlike pour over devices, it’s inspired by espresso machine technology – except electricity and levers are replaced by human pressure.

Brew time, push time, coffee dose, coffee:water ratio, water temperature, and even whether or not you invert the brewer; there is a wealth of ways to play with the AeroPress and so enhance different characteristics in your brewed coffee.

To prepare:

1. Boil high-quality water until it’s between 86º to 90ºC (if you don’t have a thermometer, wait a minute).

2. Fold the filter into a Aeropress basket.

3. Rinse the filter thoroughly.

4. Grind 15 gr fresh coffee beans for 195 gr water, ratio is 1:13

To pour:

Start by pouring double the amount of water as there is coffee in your Aeropress, and then let it bloom. After waiting for 30-45 seconds,  add thoroughly  rest of water and stir few times. Slowly push the coffee through, pushing time should take between 30 to 45 seconds.