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Cold Brew

Cold Brew

Cold brew is different teqnique than others because of using cold water to brew.

A number of chemical reactions take place during the brewing process. The coffee grounds release gases, some into the air, but others into the brew itself. Oils, acids, and other aromatic elements, known as coffee solubles, are extracted from the grounds during the brewing process.

All of this happens much faster when you use hot water to brew coffee than when you use cold water. With hot brew, that means that you get that room-filling aroma and full-bodied flavor of hot coffee—but it also means that the brew degrades and oxidizes much faster. When oils oxidize, they make coffee taste sour; when acids degrade, they make coffee taste bitter—and the hotter the brew, the more bitter the result.

Cold-brew coffee oxidizes and degrades, too, but it takes much longer. If you keep cold brew cold, you can all but guarantee that there won’t be any bitterness.

To prepare:

1. Use high-quality cold water T.D.S. between 80-100 ppm

2. Coffee grind size must be coarser than other all brewing tecniques

3. Use 30  gr fresh coffee beans for 900 gr cold water, ratio is 1:13

To pour:

Stir cold water and grounded coffee in a cup few times gently, close the cup and leave in fridge between  8-12 hours.  To filter cold brew you can any paper filter. You can keep yor cold brew for few days in the fridge. Serve with lots of ice.